Regulations for the provision of services in the Beauty Salon Nail & Beauty Center,

Katowice, ul. Dąbrowskiego 14


General provisions

All services provided by the Nail & Beauty Center are carried out in accordance with the provisions of the following terms and conditions.

Using the service provided in Nail & Beauty Center means accepting the regulations without having to sign them.

Failure of the client or client to comply with the regulations results in the exclusion of the liability of the Nail & Beauty Center beauty salon for the performed procedure.

Minors aged 6 – 18 may use the Nail & Beauty Center beauty salon only with the knowledge and consent of their parents or legal guardians who take full responsibility for them by signing the appropriate statement.

The beauty salon is not responsible for children left unattended in the salon. The parents or their legal guardians are responsible for any damage or destruction done by children or adolescents

The customer is financially responsible for the conscious damage or destruction of the cosmetic salon equipment.

The salon is not responsible for valuables left unattended.


The rules of performing cosmetic procedures.

During the cosmetic treatment the client is provided with

exclusive attention of the beautician performing the procedure.

Services are carried out using disposable materials such as cotton swabs, paper towels for manicure, pedicure, cotton buds and tissues, gloves, cotton wool, lignin, washers, treatment foils, flip flops, disposable underwear, surgical fiber, needles, scalpels and sterile cosmetic tools.

Before commencing the cosmetic service, an employee

conducts an interview with the client to determine whether due to the state of health, past diseases or lifestyle or other factors there are no contraindications to the surgery and to establish post-treatment recommendations.

Before commencing the procedure, clients are obliged to notify the employee

about any ailments that may be a contraindication to cosmetic surgery (customers are in particular required to inform about:

diseases of the circulatory, lymphatic, neurological, mental, skin and bones, in particular: cardiac pacemaker, cardioversion, cancer, inflammation in the acute phase, jaundice, HIV infection and other viruses, pregnancy or puerperium, possessed prostheses, amalgamates, metal implants in the body, stroke, etc.).

Stopping diseases, illnesses, or other conditions results in the Customer taking responsibility for health. In the event of concealing the said information, the employees of the Salon are exempt from liability for any consequences. Customers are also obliged to inform the Salon employee about possible deterioration of their well-being while performing treatments.

In case of doubts as to the safety of the procedure, the employee has the right to refuse to perform the procedure.

In the case of treatments in violation of the continuity of tissue, treatments with the use of apparatus affecting deep tissues and laser treatments or CPL, the client is obliged to read the contraindications and give a written consent for the procedure. If, during a series of treatments, later than the day of signing the consent, contraindications to the above-mentioned treatments appear, the client is obliged to inform the employee performing the procedure to exclude postoperative complications. In the case of concealing information about contraindications for surgery, the office is not responsible for complications.

The salon uses disinfectants approved by the National Institute of Health-National Institute of Hygiene. Reusable cosmetic tools after treatment are subjected to disinfection and sterilization. Table tops and armchairs are disinfected with means for disinfecting surfaces with a broad spectrum of activity. Hand disinfectants are used for hand disinfection.

The salon employees are required to carry out the procedure in accordance with the applicable procedures, using materials suitable for the treatment that maintain freshness on the basis of expiration dates given by manufacturers, at the right time for the surgery and after prior practical training and substantive preparation.


Prices and discounts

For the services provided, prices are in accordance with the price list available in the office and on the website of the salon. Prices of down-price services are determined based on the costs of material consumption, degree of difficulty and responsibility, and the appropriate time of service. The extension of the service duration due to the client being overdue for over 15 minutes or special customer requirements not provided for in the service plan due to its nature, results in an increase of the service price by PLN 40 for every additional 30 minutes.

The standard duration of the basic services of the Nail & Beauty Center beauty salon:

Cosmetic treatment – 1.5 hours

Henna 30 min

Regulation 15min

Manicure 1h

Pedicure 1.5h

Nail polishing 15min

Nail extension – 2h

Correction of nails 1.45h

Wax depilation – depending on body part – 15min – 1.15h

Laser hair removal – depending on body part – 15min – 1h

The Nail & Beauty Center salon reserves the right to change prices, which informs customers via the website and directly at the reception of the salon

The office regularly introduces promotional services provided by the website / mailing and personally as “The treatment of the month”. Promotions are valid at the time specified in the prepared offers.

The salon also sells promotional products, this sale is carried out while stocks last

Discounts. Each customer has the opportunity to take advantage of the so-called “permanent customer discount”. This discount is due to the client from the 6th visit to the salon, provided that the frequency of visits is at least once every 2 months. If the discount is lost due to the absence of a client lasting more than 2 months, after the next visit it can be reimbursed, provided that the next visit break will not be longer than 2 months. Each customer with the status of a “regular customer” immediately after the visit in the salon – on the same day, has the option to choose a discount of 5% on the price of the service or 15% on the price of the product purchased on that day. In the case of services and promotional products – discounts do not combine.

The cosmetic service can be used by “paying” the donated “Invitation to the service” or coupons worth PLN 50. Invitations and coupons do not qualify for “regular customer” rebates. As part of the “Invitations”, specific services can be performed with the value of the invitation. The customer with the invitation has the possibility of exchanging the service for which an invitation of the same value has been issued or for an additional payment. The salon does not return the difference if the converted service is of lesser value. Vouchers worth PLN 50: the customer paying with a coupon must take into account the necessity to use the entire amount of PLN 50 simultaneously during one visit. By paying a coupon for services with a lower value than the coupon, the office will not refund the difference.


Subscriptions for services

Customers have the option of booking the service directly at the reception of the salon in the following hours: Mon – Fri 9.00 – 21.00, Sat 8.00 – 16.00. or by phone on the number: 506 185 711, 32 2519485. Temporary changes during the booking hours may result from holidays or inaccessibility of reception staff. Customers are then asked to leave information on the telephone answering machine, send an SMS message or re-phone at another time. If we do not pick up the phone for the service, the salon staff makes every effort to call back the customers at the first possible time

The day before the visit to the salon, the salon reminds you about the visit by means of a text message in which it gives you the time of reception. In the event of booking several services on a given day, the customer receives a notification for each of them and is obliged to come to the earliest given hour. In the event of late arrival, the salon is not responsible for canceling the reservation. At the same time, the salon reserves that there may be situations independent of it, such as Internet breaks or a failure of the system sending messages, related to the lack of delivery. Therefore, sending reminders about the service by means of SMS should not be treated as a mandatory practice, the failure of which may result in a justified cancellation of the service without notifying the reception of the salon.

In the event of resignation from the reserved service, the Client is obliged to inform the salon about this earlier, or in a fortuitous situation on the same day, for at least two days. In the absence of cancellation of such a reservation, subsequent subscriptions for services will take place after the advance payment of 50% of the price of the reserved service. The advance payment can be paid in person at the reception desk or on the account: 27 1020 5558 0000 8902 3072 0573

In case of late service, the customer has to reckon with an incomplete service or propose another – shorter service.

If the employee is delayed, the service will be performed properly and at the right time. About the delay above 15 minutes the salon receptionist informs by phone, or offer a free service “paraffin for hands” made “while you wait”.

The customer has the option of booking a service to a specific salon employee, provided that the employee has been trained and performs the service ordered by them. Nevertheless, the salon reserves the right to propose another therapist without providing the reason and the record of the client after their prior consent to them.


Customer files

Each client during their first stay on the service in the Nail & Beauty Center salon is asked to fill in the customer’s data sheet to create a file. The data provided are: name and surname, date of birth, mobile phone, e-mail address. The file is used to collect information about the services and goods purchased in the salon. On the basis of this registration, a permanent customer’s discount is calculated, the office notifies about current promotions and reminds about scheduled visits one day earlier, or in the case of a weekend on Friday or Saturday. The data is stored in the SPA reception system and not shared with anyone. All records about the condition of the skin or nails and the procedures performed are secret and available only to the salon employees.

Birthday coupons. Customers who provide their date of birth and e-mail address in the data sheet will receive an Birthday Discount Coupon by e-mail, which can be used for any service only during the month of birth. To do this, bring a printed coupon with you to the service and provide it at the time of payment for the service at the reception of the salon. Birthday coupons do not combine with “regular customer” discounts and promotional services.

The customer may refuse to provide his data, then he is not able to take advantage of the “regular customer” discount and is not notified about services and promotional products

§ 6


Nail & Beauty Center offers services from the offer in the highest standard of knowledge and skills of its employees, who are prepared to perform technical and substantive procedures

The customer can submit a complaint from a faulty service, which will be considered and solutions will be proposed which, if the fault lies on the side of the salon, will satisfy the customer.

Situations when the cabinet is not liable:

1. no treatment effects if the client has not undergone an uninterrupted series of treatments, which was proposed depending on the surgery or device used,

2. damage to health after surgery resulting from concealing a disease or medications accepted by the client,

3 mechanical damage to the nail, resulting in nail breakage or paint splatter,

4. non-compliance with postoperative recommendations provided by the staff, as a result of which there have been undesirable complications, first of all not using the sun after exfoliation, laser and CPL and the use of preparations with UV filters, no hygiene after epilation treatments, no continuation of treatment for ingrown nails or other foot problems

Complaints related to nail stylization:

1. OPI lacquer, hybrid lacquers – up to 3 days from the performance of the service, a quality guarantee applies (patches of paint are removed at the cost of the office),

2. Building gel – up to 7 days from the service of the correction from non-mechanical damage are held at the expense of the Cabinet

All complaints should be directed to the email address: