Price list

Hand Care


Filing and shaping of nails, removal of cuticles, hand peeling, application of conditioner

85 PLN

Manicure without nail painting/ manicure for men

80 PLN

Manicure + painting with regular polish

93 PLN

Nail painting with regular polish

75 PLN

Manicure with OPI gel nail polish/ hybrid manicure with permanent nail polish

128 PLN

Corrective manicure with the use of hybrid base coat/hard gel 

Manicure with the use of hybrid base coat matched to the nail plate applied to nails prone to cracking

140 PLN/160 PLN

Nail painting with OPI gel nail polish/hybrid

85 PLN

Additional payment for French painting using all methods

+ 20 PLN

OPI/hybrid reparation

1 nail – 38 PLN

Removal of permanent gel polish not applied in NBC

Includes removal of the nail polish using the most natural method possible which does not harm the nail, leveling and smoothing the nail plate

65 PLN

Removal of permanent gel nail polish on top of the treatment*

40 PLN

*For clients who have had polish applied at NBC – removal free of charge

P-Shine manicure

Original, traditional Japanese method of nail care, based on polishing the nail plate with preparations based on vitamins A and E, creatine, bee pollen and silica from the Japanese sea. Provides long-lasting shine and smoothness to the nail plate

100 PLN

Depileve paraffin hands/feet treatment

A nourishing treatment based on the action of jojoba microbeads, combined with the beneficial effect of collagen and elastin milk, all surrounded by a paraffin compress, especially recommended for colder days

60/70 PLN

Paraffin wax treatment for hands/feett on top of other treatment 

45/55 PLN

Nail styling/ nail art

Nail extensions by gel method on tips or form short/long

165/190 PLN

Gel nail correction up to three weeks

145 PLN

Gel nail correction over three weeks short/long

165/190 PLN

Painting for extension/correction with regular nail polish

25 PLN

Painting for extension/ correction with OPI gel/hybrid polish

50 PLN

Removal of gel / acrylic with manicure without painting

120 PLN

Gel/acrylic removal on top of another treatment

70 PLN

Reparation of artificial nails – up to 30 min

50 PLN

Reconstruction of a broken nail

55 PLN

Nail art

With the use of various nail art methods, after individual arrangement and selection of techniques

20-80 PLN

Additional payment for French painting with all methods

+ 20 PLN

Foot care – part 1

Classic foot care

Cosmetic pedicure

Treatment of the callous skin on the feet, scrubbing the feet, rubbing in care cream, treatment of the toenails, application of nail conditioner

150 PLN

Pedicure without nail painting/pedicure for men

140 PLN

Cosmetic pedicure with painting with regular nail polish 

155 PLN

Toenail shaping

90 PLN

Nail treatment with ordinary nail polish

110 PLN

Painting of toenails with regular polish

Includes refreshing of the feet, preparation of the plate ( removing the old nail polish, degreasing, applying base coat, polish, top coat)

70 PLN

Cosmetic pedicure with OPI gel nail polish/hybrid

185 PLN

Toenail treatment with OPI gel nail polish/hybrid

130 PLN

Painting of toenails with OPI gel nail polish/hybrid

82 PLN

Treatment of the feet

90 PLN

Treatment of the feet with a milling machine on top of toenail manicure

50 PLN

Peeling + cream on top of toenail manicure

25 PLN

Acid pedicure

A non-invasive, effective pedicure with perfect smoothing of hardened skin. Leaves the skin of the heels soft and smooth for several weeks

187 PLN

Acid pedicure with painting with regular polish 

200 PLN

Acid pedicure with OPI gel/hybrid polish

245 PLN

Additional charge for French painting with all methods

+ 20 PLN

Foot care – part 2

Specialized foot care / podiatry services

Medicinal pedicure

Restores comfort to the feet, performed using professional equipment, with strict adherence to hygiene regulations. Helps get rid of bothersome corns and discomfort associated with ingrown toenails. Selection of cosmetics for the treatment based on the diagnosis of the condition of the feet and nails

187 PLN

Clipping of corns/in growing nails

Correction of ingrown toenail 

80 PLN/nail

Placing a BS Quick buckle, 1 buckle/2 buckles

140/232 PLN

Nail plate reconstruction

Treatment performed with the use of Gehwol light-curing compound with anti-fungal properties 

1 nail/ 70 PLN

Podiatric consultation/ evaluation of treatment progress 

60 PLN

Pedicure with application of BS Quick 1 buckle/2 buckles

220/290 PLN

Nail painting on top of medicinal pedicure/nail correction service – regular polish

+ 25 PLN 

Nail painting on top of medicinal pedicure/pedicure nail correction treatment – OPI gel nail polish/hybrid 

+60 PLN


Depilation performed with a selected type of wax suitable for the body part being depilated (soft/hard wax). Sugar paste on request when making an appointment – we add 40% to regular prices.

Full legs

160 PLN

Calves with knees

100 PLN


80 PLN

Bikini up to the panties line/medium

80 PLN/110 PLN

Brazilian bikini/ 100% bikini

180 PLN

Gluteal crevice

50 PLN

Bikini 100% + gluteal crevice

210 PLN

Bikini 100% + gluteal crevice + abdomen / buttocks 

260 PLN

Bikini 100%+gluteal crevice+ buttocks+belly

280 PLN

Men’s bikini

+70 PLN to all above


100 PLN

Arms ½

70 PLN

Facial hair removal


45 PLN


45 PLN


60 PLN


45 PLN

Moustache + beard

70 PLN

Whole face

90-140 PLN

Back / chest

200 PLN


45 PLN

Spray Tanning

Allows you to get a beautiful, even tan. It will be perfect before a “big night out” or going on vacation.

Full body spray tanning

100 PLN

Spray tanning with full body peeling 

200 PLN

Face care

Biologique Recherche care

Basic application treatments 

Treatment routine consists of makeup removal, welcome massage, exfoliation with Lotion P50, application of mask, serum, cream and elixir. Treatment selected according to the condition of the skin and problems occurring.

Vivant Treatment 

Anti-acne treatment with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties, narrows enlarged pores, regulates sebum secretion

190 PLN

Biomagic Treatment

Regulating and brightening treatment, removes excess sebum, leaves the skin matte, uplifts, unifies skin tone, restores radiance

250 PLN

Cold Mask Treatment 

Recommended for sensitive seborrheic, mixed, and acne-prone skin. Soothes and relieves redness, mattifies, cleanses and closes pores, deeply moisturizes 

300 PLN

Vip O2 Treatment 

Recommended for tired skin with gray tones. Closes pores, promotes regeneration, brightens and unifies the complexion, eliminates puffiness and bruises around the eyes, shrinks blood vessels.

250 PLN

AHA Treatment 

Renewing treatment, recommended for thick skin, with deep wrinkles and heavily skeranitized skin. Exfoliates and stimulates cells to renewal, evens out skin tone, reduces discoloration

360 PLN

Biosensible Treatment 

Reduces skin sensitivity, recommended for reactive skin prone to allergies and erythema, shallowly vascularized skin. Soothes burning sensations, restores comfort

250 PLN

Rosacea Treatment 

Treatment for rosacea, soothes irritation, mattifies, absorbs excess sebum, strengthens capillaries, moisturizes and improves tension

250 PLN

Biologique Recherche care

Treatments with massages by Biologique Recherche

Biologique Recherche’s signature massages are specialized manual techniques that stop time. Their action is based on the knowledge of the anatomy of the facial muscles and takes advantage of the natural possibilities of achieving a lifting effect through proper facial massage. At the same time, Biologique Recherche products with the highest concentrations in cosmetology are applied.

Soin Lissant Treatment

Smoothing treatment for sensitive, dehydrated and thin skin, stimulates epidermal defense systems, intensively moisturizes

400 PLN

Mc110 Treatment 

It smoothes wrinkles, cleanses and exfoliates the epidermis, tightens, moisturizes

350 PLN

Lift CVS Treatment 

Recommended for thick skin with a decrease in firmness and elasticity. Mechanical exfoliation of the epidermis, lifting and improving tissue tone, accelerating cell renewal

450 PLN

Biologique FeerieTreatment 

A desensitizing and lifting treatment, improves skin tone and firmness, fills wrinkles, soothes, calms irritation, instantly moisturizes

550 PLN

Biovecteur Marin Treatment 

Recommended for skin with signs of aging, deep wrinkles and severe sagging. Nourishes, firms, removes signs of fatigue, smooths wrinkles

400 PLN

Mc110 Treatment + lift CVS 

600 PLN

Booster VIP O2 

Recommended for uneven-toned, tired skin. Detoxifies the skin, oxygenates tissues, stimulates the epidermis, brightens

400 PLN

Platysma mask for booster treatments 

Intensively shapes the lower parts of the face and chin, increases the density and tension of these parts of the face

+ 110 PLN

Liftkiss mask for booster treatments 

The effect of perfect smoothing, moisturizing and filling the skin of the lips

+ 80 PLN

Eye area treatments

Patchs Defatiganst Treatment 

Instantly removes signs of fatigue and aging around the eyes. Brightens dark circles and eliminates puffiness under the eyes. Smoothes wrinkles resulting from dehydration

270 PLN

Biovecteur Marin Treatment under the eyes 

It tightens the skin, smoothes wrinkles, and stimulates cellular reconstruction 

280 PLN

Cryo eye treatment (Sothys) 

Helps to remove signs of aging and fatigue of the delicate skin around the eyes, depending on the mask application technique used (ice spoons/ultrasound)supports the removal of swelling or has anti-aging effects 

250 PLN

Sothys care

Individually created treatments 

They include make-up removal, peeling, facial massage and a mask. products are selected individually to the needs of the skin.

190 PLN

Seasonal treatment 

Prepared by the brand, this treatment is valid for half the year, for people who like change. Nourishes and moisturizes the skin, based on seasonal plant active ingredients

250 PLN

Glysalac / Glysalac + aesthetic microdermabrasion 

Cleansing treatment with glycolic peeling, gives immediate brightening, smoothing and color improvement

280/320 PLN

Detox Energie 

Intensive detoxifying treatment, reduces the impact of pollution on the skin, increases cell energy

350 PLN

Hydra 4HA Hyaluronic Acid 

Increase in skin hydration after one treatment by 71%, contains restructuring active ingredients

350 PLN

Micro Dermobooster 

Treatment protocol based on the Microdermobooster cosmetic device using 3 functions: aesthetic microdermabrasion, controlled micropunctures, massage 

700 PLN

Micro Dermobooster series min 4 treatments 

550 PLN/treatment

Other facial treatments

The basic proprietary manual skin cleansing treatment 

We select the skin after a skin diagnosis, with specialist care

Normal – blackhead removal up to 30 minutes 

190 PLN

Large- more than 30 minutes of blackhead removal 

260 PLN

Acids for manual cleansing

+100 PLN

Manual cleansing additional to the care treatment

+40-80 PLN

An exfoliation treatment with fruit acids 

250 PLN

Treatments with ultrasound
Cavitation peeling 

70 PLN

Cavitation peeling additional to the treatment

+40 PLN

Serum sonophoresis 

80 PLN

Cavitation peeling + sonophoresis on the serum 

120 PLN

Cavitation peeling + sonophoresis on the serum + mask 

150 PLN

Deep cleansing – Dermokorektor

Deep exfoliation with herbs, evens out the skin structurally, reduces discoloration, deeply cleanses, has anti-inflammatory properties

320 PLN

Mini refreshing treatment

 It includes a peeling and a mask matched to the client’s skin needs

80 PLN

Face-neck-neckline massage 

With the use of a preparation matched to the needs of the skin. Massages to choose from: anti aging, relaxing, lymphatic drainage

100 PLN

Lifting iron 

The treatment that strengthens the face oval, causes tension, nourishment and oxygenation of the skin. The combination of electrostimulation of facial muscles and vacuum massage is excellent for skin regenerative functions

100 PLN

Lifting iron, series of 10 treatments 

900 PLN

Cosmetic consultation 

In case of no follow-up of the treatment and no purchase of cosmetics

60 PLN

Eye frame care

Full henna 

Henna of eyebrows and eyelashes with a choice of the type and color of henna, additional regulation for free 

80 PLN

Henna of eyebrows or eyelashes without regulation 

60 PLN

Henna of eyebrows or eyelashes + regulation 

70 PLN

Eyebrows regulation 

55 PLN

Eyelash lifting 

Eyelash curling treatment for about 6 weeks, “opens” the eye, emphasizes the length of the hair. The eyelash henna additional to this treatment is free of charge

250 PLN

Complementary treatments

Permanent removal of unwanted hair with the Apillus device

Up to 15 min 100 PLN

each additional 15 min +70 PLN

Thermocoagulation of broken capillaries

140 PLN

Ear piercing 

120 PLN

Body care

Body care and beauty treatments

Slimming/anti-cellulite treatments


Anti-cellulite iron 

160 PLN

Anti-cellulite iron additional to the body treatment

+100 PLN

Anti-cellulite iron, series of 10 treatments 

1400 PLN

Guam treatment

Complete treatment with the use of Guam brand products based on marine algae. Visible improvement of the silhouette in the abdominal, thigh and waist areas. The treatment reduces cellulite, decreases swelling, reduces fatty tissue 

250 PLN

Guam treatment series of 10 treatments

The treatment in the series takes into account the abdomen, thighs, buttocks zones. Before the 1st and 6th treatment we perform peeling

2000 PLN

Whole body peeling

Mechanical peeling based on plant ingredients leaves the skin smooth and moisturized

120 PLN

Body care

Relaxation/Rejuvention Treatment and Massages

Aromatic Journeys treatment by Sothys 

Personalized body treatment with selected fragrance oils, selected according to the client’s preferences

Version peeling/massage/mask 

400 PLN

Massage/mask version

300 PLN

Peeling/massage version

300 PLN

Peeling/mask version


Sothys signature massage 

Adapted from one of Sothys’ relaxation rituals

140 PLN

Relaxing full body massage Tribal Body 

Combination of massage with sticks and lomi lomi massage. Intense relaxation and relaxation

160 PLN