We are the first Polish beauty salon of Bernard Cassiere.
Salon branded by BC offers a full package of BC treatments, conducts consultations with skin diagnostics. In addition, in the Bernard Cassiere salon, the customer has the opportunity to purchase cosmetics, obtain samples of products, obtain information on the use of BC cosmetics and methods of their application.

About the company:
The Bernard Cassiere brand was founded in 1991 by the director of the French group Sothys, Mr. Bernard Mas. BC quickly began to be successful in the international professional cosmetics market, and thanks to the fact that it is the precursor of chocolate care and was the first to introduce bamboo extract to cosmetic products, gained fame of the brand with unconventional solutions, interesting and inspiring.


With these four words, you can shortly determine the Bernard Cassiere brand.

When searching for products of the highest quality, with a high tolerance through the skin, you will certainly be interested in the presented brand.

Here are the reasons why it is worth it:

• The main ingredients of all Bernard Cassiere products are ingredients derived from nature, which guarantees skin tolerance;

• The presence of Bernard Cassiere in the international Sothys group (Sothys, Bernard Cassiere, Simone Mahler), allows the brand to use the latest achievements of the joint Soredec laboratory. It is ISO 9001 certified, which guarantees product quality at every stage of production as well as the following certificates: Good Production and Sanitary Protection (AFSSAPS). The production hall of the Soredec laboratory meets pharmaceutical standards;

• The Bernard Cassiere brand concept is based on a comprehensive approach to care. This means that BC not only offers treatments and products intended for the prevention of skins with a specific profile, but also takes into account the disturbances occurring under the influence of various external factors, climatic changes and internal problems. The Bernard Cassiere brand allows the beautician to create a type of skincare that will satisfy both the skin’s needs resulting from its features, but also take into account temporary problems;

• According to Bernard Cassiere, the overarching role of the cosmetician is to work on maintaining the client’s skin balance and the products that the brand proposes should be a tool to fulfill this role.



Each new client can get the status of a “Regular Client” after 5 visits to our salon, where the frequency of visits cannot be less than 1 visit per 2 months.
Such a client is entitled to a permanent discount from the 6th visit calculated for each subsequent one, provided that the frequency of visits is maintained. The customer can choose a 5% discount on the value of the service or 15% on the value of the purchased cosmetic.



We present you the rules of our service complaints:

Complaints for manicure OPI / ORLY / Cuccio:
3 days
(within 3 days the customer is obliged to inform us about the damage and arrange a convenient time for them to repair the damage)

Complaints about hard gel / acrylic:
7 days
(Within 7 days the customer is obliged to inform us about the damage and arrange a convenient time for them to repair the damage)