– traditional and biological manicure

– Japanese P.Shine manicure

– nail plate regeneration – Gel Break

– cosmetic and treating pedicure

– acid pedicure

– staples on ingrown nails

– repairing damaged nails with UV gels, antifungal and acrylic masses
– rebuliding damaged nails


– OPI GelColor


– Cuccio Naturale


– by gel method on tips or forms

– correction of lengthened nails (small, medium and large)


– paraffin treatment – using peach paraffin on hands and tea tree oil paraffin on feet. Compresses of warm paraffin both cause occlusion causing deep penetration of active substances and strongly hydrate and firm the skin

– nutritive treatments – performed during pedicure – peeling and mask chosen according to the skin needs




  • Cosmetic pedicure with nail polish / hybrid / GelColor

standard treatment on feet with scalpel and feet milling and working on toe nails (shortening, filing, cutting out the cuticles)

  • Acid pedicure with nail polish / hybrid / GelColor

Innovative pedicure with using lactic, tartaric and lemon acids. The combination of three acids gives the perfect smoothing effect on dry and cracked skin on the feet. In addition, it regulates the work of sweat glands. In this procedure, we do not use a scalpel or milling machine, the thickened epidermis is dissolved by acids and then rubbed using a disposable grater. The method helps to maintain a longer smoothing effect than a traditional pedicure. Nails are developed in a traditional way.

  • Gel on the toenails – strengthening gel with calcium, hardening the natural nail plate, by applying, you can make a small correction of the shape of the plate


  • Therapeutic pedicure

It restores comfort to feet, made using professional equipment, strictly complying with hygiene regulations. It helps to get rid of burdensome calluses and discomfort associated with ingrown nails. Customers are regularly consulted by specialists who will recommend appropriate therapy. The selection of cosmetics for the treatment is based on the diagnosis of the skin condition of the feet and nails.

  • Cutting fingerprints / ingrown nails
  • Ingrown nail correction using the B / S QUICK staples
  • Ingrown nail correction using metal staples
  • Reconstruction of the nail plate – a procedure performed using the Gehwol light curable mass with antifungal properties / acrylic mass by O.P.I or Star Nails
  • Selection of the right orthoses to restore the comfort of walking





Xlase Plus laser diode ensures permanent hair removal using innovative high-power diode technology. This guarantees a fast and non-invasive procedure, without downtime, on all skin types, and in the case of PFB (pseudofolliculitis barbae – alleged inflammation around the bile chin). The sapphire tip with the contact cooling system helps to protect the epidermis and keeps the skin at a low temperature during the procedure, while the uniform beam of laser light allows the most effective coagulation of the hair follicles, reducing the amount of laser shots needed.

Motion Speed procedure

This procedure is a breakthrough in client’s comfort, epilation rate and unparalleled clinical results! At the same time, it combines strong cooling with the continuous emission of fast laser pulses, achieving the right temperature at the target site – without risk of damage and much more painless than traditional IPL devices or competitive laser methods. The Motion Speed continuous motion technique enables continuous energy emission over a large area, with greater patient comfort, faster treatment speed and higher epilation efficiency.



  • Termolifting
  • Acne therapy
  • Pore shrinking
  • Eradication of erythema
  • Brightening discolorations

The latest CPL head (calibrated pulsed light) offers several innovative and technologically advanced improvements, compared to other IPL systems available on the market. CPL turned out to be the strongest. The secret of the system is simple and effective operation, provides excellent and quick results of therapy, without side effects, burns and discomfort of the client. Suitable for most types of leather. Emission from a water cooled xenon lamp, “square” pulse technology (constant energy during the entire pulse duration).

Contraindications preventing or limiting the procedure (permanent, temporary):

  • pregnancy and breast-feeding
  • vitiligo and other autoimmune diseases
  • tumors / tumors (skin cancer, malignant melanoma)
  • hypersensitivity to the skin
  • botox and fillers (minimum 1 week)
  • unregulated diabetes
  • mental illness
  • diarrhea and vomiting
  • an infectious disease or infection
  • sunburn
  • active herpes in the place undergoing surgery
  • tendency to the formation of keloids, keloid
  • taking photosensitizing substances
  • hypersensitivity to light and sun
  • any ailments treated by a GP and dermatologist
  • pacemaker, insulin pump, metal implants
  • plastic surgery in recent times
  • thrombosis, phlebitis (vascular occlusion)
  • fever
  • bruises
  • interrupted continuity of the epidermis
  • strong or fresh tan
  • people under the influence of alcohol and drugs
  • epilepsy (epilepsy)
  • hypertension / hypotension
  • taking medicines and photosensitive herbs



The face, neck and cleavage treatments are based mainly on natural active ingredients. This ensures both high efficiency and high tolerance of bioavailability. We work on two French companies: Bernard Cassiere and Biologique Recherche, which are among the best known and effective professional brands on the French market. Bernard Cassiere products such as the oxygenating treatment or moisturizing serum Bamboo tears have received prestigious awards in the world of professional cosmetics (the H.Pierantoni award for the most innovative product of the year).

In the selection of the procedure, we always follow the needs of the customer’s skin and their expectations regarding the results obtained. The selection is made after careful skin diagnosis, which includes, next to the analysis of skin condition, a cosmetic interview. Each client receives a set of home care tips that will allow them to maintain the effects of treatment and continuous prevention.

Cleansing treatments:

Bernard Cassiere:

  • Cleansing treatment based on Java tea, wild Chilean mint and lemon. Oily, mixed and / or acne skin care. The treatment supports the natural germicidal system of the skin, reduces excess sebum, has antiseptic and astringent properties.
  • Express Sunrise treatment. Massage with a stamp from rice starch, gives the perfect effect of smoothing, cleansing and brightening the skin. Great for banquet treatment for busy people


  • Exfoliation with fruit acids. Low pH and a small molecule of acids cause optimal effects of accelerating the regeneration of the epidermis; the treatment causes loosening of the cellular cement, due to which it shows the effect of lightening pigmentation spots, normalization of sebaceous glands.
  • Exfoliation treatment with mandelic acid and polyhydroxides. Especially recommended for photo-aging
  • Exfoliation with a cocktail of: pyruvic, azelaic and salicylic acids. Especially recommended for acne skin


  • The basic company’s skin cleansing procedure – chosen after skin diagnosis, with specialist care, without massage
  • Cavitation peeling

Deep exfoliation

  • Dermocorrector – a treatment that balances the skin structurally, eliminates discoloration, deeply cleanses and narrows the mouth of the sebaceous glands

Soothing treatments for sensitive skins and capillaries:

Bernard Cassiere:

  • Soothing treatment based on blackberry extract. Minimizing skin sensitivity and allergic reactions, anti-inflammatory effect and strengthening the resistance of blood vessels. During the procedure we perform sonophoresis on an active vasoconstrictor ampoule


  • thermocoagulation of capillary capillaries using the APILLUS method (touch-based coagulation, excellent results)

Facial contouring (lifty) treatments, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle treatment face-neck-cleavage zones:

Bernard Cassiere:

  • Time Interceptor. It reduces the signs of aging, gives glow and radiance to tired skin, regenerates and firms
  • Diamond treatment. Dedicated to very mature skin (after 50 years of age), it gives the effect of strong oxygenation, nutrition and tension. Active ingredients such as diamond powder, white pearl extract strongly stimulate and activate the work of skin cells
  • Microdermabrasion based on red fruit extract. Microdermabrasion lifting with AHA, based on extracts of red fruit. It gives the effect of intensive firming of the face and neck, unifies color, eliminates pigmentation spots

Biologique Recherche:

  • Lift CVS – an excellent tension treatment, immediately improves the face oval, works anti-wrinkle. The massage of Jacket intensively stimulates facial muscles, the skin is slightly exfoliated and intensively smoothed
  • CVS CV (face, neck) with oxygen mask
  • Lift based on the Mc 110 lotion – an exfoliating and tightening treatment, causes the modeler of the face oval, accelerates the regeneration of the epidermis, gives the effect of strong oxygenation of the skin. Combined with specialized masks, it strongly stimulates “lazy” skin, stimulating it to absorb active ingredients administered during the procedure.

– with an oxygen mask

– with the mask “sea bionicist”

– combined with a lift “lissant”

Integrated treatments Biologique Recherche

  • Lissant treatment + mask “sea bionic”
  • CVS lift + sea breeze mask
  • Mc 110 + Lift CVS
  • Mc 110 + Lift CVS + mask “marine bionicist”

Additional treatments:

  • Lifting iron. A treatment that strengthens the oval of the face, causing tension, nutrition and oxygenation of the skin. The combination of electrostimulation of facial muscles and vacuum massage perfectly influences the regenerative functions of the skin
  • Mezzo Roller DMN / microfusion. An effective technique for rejuvenating the appearance and structure of the skin. The effect of smoothing wrinkles and furrows; improvement of skin firmness, structure and oval face; reducing the visibility of scars

Nourishing / moisturizing / oxygenating treatments

Bernard Cassiere:

  • A detoxification and nourishing treatment based on chocolate. Used in detoxifying and anti-stress treatments or as a single treatment that gives the effect of a radiant and smooth face, as well as a sense of relaxation and comfort; after a relaxing massage on cocoa butter, we cover the skin with a chocolate fondue
  • Hydrating treatment based on bamboo and aloe extract. Intended for dehydrated skin, lacking firmness, prone to scaling, with weakened hydro-lipid barrier, brings comfort to the “tightened” skin
  • Oxygenating treatment based on honey. It adds glow to the skin, evens it in color, stimulates microcirculation; The toning massage after previous cleansing of the skin and the natural ingredients of the preparations used in the treatment give a preventive effect for the formation of free radicals
  • Brightening treatment based on kiwi extract. It gives the effect of color balance of the facial skin, recommended for people with discoloration associated with aging skin and photo-sensitivity
  • Energetic and detoxicating treatment. Care based on a complex of red orange – mandarin, care for tired, devoid of glaze, uneven texture and gray color. It adds energy to the skin, cleanses from dead cells, oxygenates and moisturizes
  • Treatments individually created. Covering makeup removal, peeling, ampoule-based massage and a face mask; products are selected individually depending on the needs of the skin

Biologique Recherche:

  • The Mc110 treatment – a treatment on the edge of lift, provides the skin with a strong stimulation of cell regeneration, oxygenation and compaction, with a specific muscle stimulating massage face

Express treatments:

  • Sonophoresis on the serum. Depending on the needs of the skin and the care purpose, we select the type of ampoule individually, which is then introduced into the skin of the face and neck using ultrasound
  • Mini treatment – refreshing. Quick skin refreshment including peeling and mask, tailored individually to the needs of each client’s skin
  • Massage of the face zone – neck – neckline – with the use of a selected ampoule and massage preparation – you can choose between massage, relaxation, anti-aging or lymphatic drainage

Treatments around the eyes

Bernard Cassiere

  • A treatment based on cornflower extract. Regenerates the dried skin around the eyes, improves the circulation of blood and lymph, eliminates dark circles and puffiness, works anti-wrinkle

Biologique Recherche:

  • A treatment using a Mc110 lotion and an algae patch. Intensive tension around the eyes, smoothing wrinkles while nourishing the skin

Beauty treatments for the eye setting

  • dyeing eyebrows and eyelashes (gel or powder henna, a wide range of colors)
  • eyelashes perm (different roll widths, different steering level)
  • thickening eyelashes (tufts)
  • regulation of eyebrows with tweezers, wax or with thermolysis



Slimming / anti-cellulite / anti-swelling treatments

  • Seance in the SPA capsule. A half-hour session in a SPA capsule, combining the elements of various SPA and wellness treatments – color therapy, dry and steam sauna, drainage and water massage, Scottish shower, aromatherapy and others. You can choose one of 10 treatment programs
  • An anti-cellulite iron. Vacuum massage combined with muscle electrostimulation and color therapy. Intensive treatment supporting the removal of toxins, improves lymphatic circulation and strengthens muscle tension. Treatment with an anti-cellulite iron guarantees smoothing of the tissue, strengthening the muscles, stimulating the burning of fat cells, oxygenation of the skin
  • Slimming treatment Ginger-Kwiat Alpejski-Caffeine (Bernard Cassiere). Care focused on supporting slimming, smoothing the skin covered by fibrous cellulite, firming
  • Drainage treatment by Imbir-Wasabi (Bernard Cassiere). It binds the micro-circulation of the lymph, promotes the elimination of toxins, reduces edema

Nourishing / moisturizing / smoothing / relaxing treatments

Bernard Cassiere

  • A cocktail treatment. It gives the customer the choice of one of three favorite cocktails (in the form of products for the treatment) Mochito, Pina colada or Cosmopolitan. The treatment gives intense smoothness to the skin and allows, thanks to the Relaxing Massage from the Islands for aromatic relaxation
  • Tribal relaxation and nutritional treatment. Ethnic, based on tribal cosmetic recipes from three sides of the world, includes a coffee-based scrub, a pear of opuntia wax and a relaxing Tribal Body massage. Performed with characteristic ethnic music, it is great for a gift
  • Body care from three sides of the world – Lapland. A deeply nourishing, wrapping body treatment based on honey. Designed for the care of very dry, undernourished skin of the whole body, it restores comfort and hydration, relaxes and relaxes. Includes body scrub, massage and nourishing mask
  • Body care from three sides of the world – Polynesia. Vanilia Monoi relaxation treatment. It restores the relaxation of tense muscles, has a cleansing and nourishing effect. Smoothing aromatic peeling and relaxing massage from the Islands
  • Body care from three sides of the world – Thailand. Detoxifying treatment “Green tea”. Removes impurities, adds energy, improves blood and lymph circulation, relaxes. Includes a scrub, massage and a body wrap mask
  • Whole body peelings based on Bernard Cassiere or Kanu preparations
  • Whole body scrub with a seance in a SPA capsule


  • Classic massage of the whole body
  • Back massage
  • Massage from the Islands – relaxing massage of the back of the body
  • Relaxing full body massage Tribal Body. Its techniques refer to the energy of four elements (air, earth, water and fire) and create a connection with universal energy. The ceremonial aspect, inspired by the power of the Pacific Ocean waves, leads to a real release. Thanks to this massage technique, the hands of the beautician become real vectors introducing the feeling of well-being. The massage is performed with characteristic ethnic music

It is possible to arrange an individual treatment, including care problems and the selection of various treatments in the series – depending on the needs of the skin



Types of depilation:

  • Soft wax
  • Hard wax / film wax
  • sugar paste
  • thermolysis – permanent epilation based on high frequency current
  • laser hair removal


– a thin layer of warm wax is applied to the skin with a spatula or roll-on applicator. Soft wax hair removal is a method used on large body surfaces – the application and stripping allows you to quickly remove hair, the most popular method of waxing in Poland. Due to the sticking of dead skin cells, this method is not suitable for depilation of places where the skin is thin and prone to irritation, shallow


– techniques based on the application of warm wax with a spatula and after hardening, breaking it together with the hair. It is a non-strip method, guaranteeing the gentleness of the procedure. Skin irritation after surgery is less than when using soft wax. Applied to surfaces exposed to folliculitis – the most common complications after depilation. It is suitable for skin that is shallowly vascularized and prone to irritation. Used mainly for depilation of sensitive areas: underarms, face of bikini areas


– an extremely gentle method of epilation of unwanted hair, designed for people prone to allergies, badly tolerating depilation with wax. The delicacy of the method is connected, among others, with the direction of hair pulling (we pull out according to the direction of hair growth), which avoids irritation of the hair follicles and thus ensures the comfort of smooth skin. Sugar paste is a modern version of epilatory substance and technique used for centuries by women from the Middle East. The composition is based on ancient Middle Eastern recipes. It contains natural raw materials without chemical ingredients, thanks to which it can be used in allergy sufferers. The sugar paste is an antiseptic product that naturally provides excellent hygiene during the treatment, which guarantees the absence of any post-epilatory complications.

Hairs are removed thoroughly, completely, they are not broken, it can be used on very short hairs, from the length of 1-2 mm. The effect lasts longer than after traditional wax depilation


– it is a hair removal treatment performed with the help of high frequency current. The current flow creates a thermo-coagulation effect in the hair bulb causing its destruction – coagulation. It works best on small areas of the body, e.g. above the upper lip or on the chin. A series of treatments ensures permanent hair removal, regardless of their thickness or color (the method is also used with gray hair)



SunFX spray tanning is the healthiest and safest way to give your skin a beautiful shade!

This service is suitable for everyone, including those who want to enjoy a healthy tan and who react badly to UV radiation, eg people with a bright phototype and allergies.

The tanning treatment itself is pleasant and extremely hygienic – it is performed standing up in a special SunFX booth with a precision device. The shade of the tan is selected individually for the client’s complexion, while the preparations used for the treatment are odorless, contain no alcohol, perfume or preservatives, therefore the service is also offered to pregnant women and people with sensitive skin or vitiligo.

For the best and most lasting effects, before the tanning treatment it is recommended to perform a peeling, exfoliating the excess of dead skin. Tan on the skin prepared in this way is durable and perfectly even.

The application of bronzing fluid itself lasts 5-10 minutes.

In order to completely absorb the product, after applying the preparation, the therapist dries the body with a special dryer, which is equipped with SunFX sunbathing equipment.

Shortly after the procedure it is recommended to wear darker clothes.

The color is fixed for another 5 to 12 hours, so you should wait at least 8 hours before taking a shower.